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Counterfeited and pirated goods to strengthen intellectual property enforcement.

At present, counterfeit goods are being sold at low prices through Internet auctions, private sales, and flea market applications.
Some of them are difficult for identify, which is a big problem for both official Japanese retailers and Customers.

We are a legal entity licensed by the National Police Agency to deal in antique goods in accordance with Japanese law.

We do not sell any counterfeit products, whether they are new or used.
Also cracking down on the distribution of counterfeit products.
This is a belief that is necessary to protect the intellectual property that Japan has nurtured over the years and to protect our customers in Japan and around the world.

If you have obtained a counterfeit product from an internet auction, private sale, or flea market app other than our shop, please "Inquiry/Requests Submission Form" on "HELP" and provide us with information and photos. This will be a great help to us in our efforts to combat counterfeiting.

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