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Update Information

2022.11.24    Transformers and Uma Musume have been added to the ALPHABETICAL ORDER list
2022.11.24    ALPHABETICAL ORDER listings added.
2022.11.23    about shipping has been updated.

2022.08.25    about shipping has been updated.

​2022.07.22    about shipping has been updated.
​2022.07.02    The mobile site has been modified for easier browsing.

2022.06.29    We signed a contract with FedEx.We will gradually incorporate them into our shipments.
2022.06.01    523 items from JAPAMO STORE have been added to JAPAMO's search category.

2022.05.07    Added DEAD OR ALIVE list page
2022.05.07    Added Space Battleship Yamato list page

2022.04.02    Added Gigantor tetsujin 28 list page

2022.04.02    Added Kirby's dream land list page

2022.03.20    Shipping Information Update

2022.03.08    Shipping Information Update
2022.03.07    Added Sengoku Basara list page
2022.03.07    Added Samurai Spirits list page

2022.02.17    Added Bungo Stray Dogs list page
2022.02.11    Added Dragon Quest the adventure of Dai list page
2022.02.11    Added Astro Boy list page
2022.02.11    JAPAMO introductroy video was added to the top page.
2022.02.04    136 items from JAPAMO STORE have been added to JAPAMO's search category.

2022.01.07    Added Fire Force list page
2022.01.07    Added Chainsaw Man list page
2021.12.25    Update Inquiry/Feedback/Requests Submission Form
2021.12.19 Added S.H.Figuarts page
2021.12.16 Added Revoltech page
2021.12.12 Added Nendoroid page
2021.12.09 Added Real Action Heroes page
2021.12.06 Added Dakaretai Otoko 1-i ni Odosarete Imasu. list page
2021.12.05 Added Uta no prince sama list page
2021.12.02 Added Osomatsu-san list page
2021.12.01 Added Natsume's Book of Friends list page
2021.11.30 Added The Promised Neverland list page
2021.11.25 Added Lupin the 3rd list page
2021.11.20 Added Ensemble Stars! list page
2021.11.15 Added IDOLiSH7 list page
2021.11.10 Added Hypnosis Mic list page
2021.11.05 Added Re:Zero Starting Life in Another World list page
2021.11.01 Added Kizumonogatari list page
2021.10.30 Added Nisemonogatari list page
2021.10.25 Added Nekomonogatari list page
2021.10.22 Added Monogatari Series list page
2021.10.20 Added That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime list page
2021.10.15 Added Hanebado! list page
2021.10.15 Added Bamboo Blade list page
2021.10.15 Added Baki the Grappler list page
2021.10.10 Added Yuri on Ice list page
2021.10.10 Added Ace of Diamond list page
2021.10.03 Added All Out!! list page
2021.10.01 Added Jujutsu Kaisen list page
2021.09.30 Added Mashin Hero Wataru list page
2021.09.25 Added Yo-Kai Watch list page
2021.09.20 Added Mado King Granzort list page
2021.09.15 Added Digimon Adventure list page
2021.09.12 Added Overman King Gainer list page
2021.09.10 Added Full Metal Panic list page
2021.09.10 Added Ah! My Goddess list page
2021.09.10 Added Aikatsu! list page
2021.09.07 Added Blue Comet SPT Layzner list page
2021.09.03 Added Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion list page
2021.09.03 Added GARO Series list page
2021.09.03 Added GAMERA Series list page
2021.09.03 Added Kikaider Series list page
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