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Welcome to JAPMO.
JAPAMO makes it easy to find figurines of your favorite Japanese manga, anime, video games and Tokusatsu(SFX) characters.
There are currently more than 600 titles in the database and it is continually being updated.

The JAPAMO store carries many rare products, especially those that are no longer in production, and you can buy them with confidence.
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Category Supplemental Information
Bishoujo...Beautiful, pretty girls and women in the works.
Josei...Works for female users.
Shoujo... Works for girls.
Have you ever purchased a Japanese character figure?
Be sure to get your hands on a highly-engineered figure of one of your favorite creations.

You can easily order it at the Japamo store, which is linked to Japamo.


JAPAMO Store aims to be a store where you can buy Japanese products with confidence.

Features of the JAPAMO STORE

1. All items are shipped from Japan.

The company that runs Japamo is a Japanese corporate organization.
You can check detailed company information on the presentation page of the Specified Commercial Transaction Law.


2.All items are authentic and in guaranteed condition.

All items sold in the Japamo Store are authentic.
The license sticker is affixed to the product.
(Except for products where the seal is not affixed by the manufacturer during production)
All items include original packaging and all parts.
Items are shipped from Japan.If you purchase through an auction substituting bidding service, A fee is required to check the condition of the item.
Also, such services usually do not offer pirated or authentic product identification.
Major auction sites are infested with scams, making it difficult for both buyers and sellers to conduct healthy transactions.

At JAPAMO Store, specialist staff with over 10 years of experience and a license to trade in antique goods with the permission of the Japanese police check authenticity, parts and condition.

CERTIFICATELicense sticker examplejapamo

3.All items will be shipped with a tracking number.

It will be shipped in 2 to 5 days after you place the order, and you can check the delivery status with the tracking number. Also, if you do not receive the item due to an accident, please contact us and we will ask the shipping company to investigate, and if it is finally lost, we will refund all the shipping fee and the price of the item.

4. At the JAPAMO Store, you can find and purchase not only current figures, but also items that have been discontinued by their manufacturers!

We sell more than 30,000 items.
Products labeled "NEW" are unopened. We also have many dead stock items.Please take a look at the list once.
We are constantly researching market prices and strive to sell products in good condition at the lowest possible price.

Please enjoy shopping at the Japamo Store.
If you have any questions, please check the "HELP" box.

Find your favorite figure!
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